Baygull's Engagement Platform - Customer Behavior Management (CBM)

The Customer Behavior Management (CBM) platform provides our customers with an integrated suite of technologies that allow businesses to generate business intelligence that is immediately actionable within the platform. Strategic engagement campaigns and assets created by Baygull Studios can be preemptively added into the CBM platform and automatically deployed by performance rates, helping to ensure that customer engagement is fully realized.

Unified Data Platform

A single technology stack that allows the data that you want collected, cleaned, and made available for your team and customers.

User Tracking

Our platform can collect a variety of information from anonymous users or about your customers through a variety of technology touch points.

Persona Targeting

Content can be tailored to your customers based off their preferences and behaviors.

Scheduled Communication

Send scheduled dynamic content that is personalized for each of your users through email, social networks, push notifications, or SMS.

Measurement & Action

All analytics are reported in an easily digestible format that can be acted upon automatically by our platform.

No Vendor Lock-In

All data uploaded, collected, and managed by our CBM platform will always be your information.

Our Philosophy

We effectively leverage technology across your brand’s offerings to improve customer engagement and retention, streamline internal operations, and enhance overall business offerings.


Baygull Studios’ platform can be the foundation of your services.


We analyze and customize your specific needs that are then integrated into the platform.


Based off what your specific needs are, we’ll work with you to determine the timing of the customized pieces.

What we do

Baygull understands how technology has evolved to become an essential part of our everyday lives. It connects us to each other and to our customers in ways that help improve our wellbeing. Baygull has extensive experience integrating a multitude of technologies to create foundations our clients can use to evolve their business.

Technical Architecture

Baygull’s technical architects plan and build solutions that include diverse technologies. We intuitively navigate the complexities of our digital age creating measurable and result-driven solutions.

Native App Development

Our engineers build robust applications on the latest mobile devices that keep users engaged. We have constructed immersive virtual reality applications that that allow users to view them on-the-go with Google Cardboard to high-end experiences with the Vive.

Web Development

Our team designs and architects beautiful, responsive websites in leading CMS's such as Wordpress and Drupal, builds complex integrations with 3rd party applications such as Salesforce and Hubspot, and constructs amazing single-page applications with React.

Technical Consulting

Baygull’s subject matter experts work with you to understand your business needs, your client’s wants, and your technology goals. Our technology-focused imaginations help you create the right solutions at the right time and for the right budget. Our consultants help you understand how our proprietary products can be tailored for your brand’s strategic vision.

Server Solutions

Our backend engineers work in the latest server technologies and focus on Serverless technologies on the AWS cloud. We are AWS experts and have architected scaleable web applications that scale for millions of users. Building secure and robust REST API’s, navigating the world of artificial intelligence and learning how machine learning can help your business gain a competitive edge is all in our wheelhouse.

Visual Design & User Experience

Designing the right engagement strategy for any application starts with our storyboarding and user experience team. They understand how to utilize UX and technology to design applications that engage users and keep them interested in your content.

Our Work

Baygull leverages robust and emerging technologies to develop platforms that evolve businesses and drive brand growth. Select a tile to check out our work.

Who we are

We are a digital-first collective that takes a holistic approach to building scalable digital solutions for our clients. Baygull has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to create award-winning solutions to further power their brands. Our experience spans across numerous verticals such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, global couriers, convenience stores, and interactive entertainment.

Ryan Ploetz

Ryan is an experienced technical leader with a decade of software engineering and management knowledge. He was the past Director of Engineering at T3 and Somnio Solutions where he lead the development and QA departments on all projects for numerous Fortune 500 clients. He has been the lead engineer for a variety of high profile clients such as: 7-11, UPS, NRG, Pega, Chase, IBM, Intel, Dell, Medac Pharma, and many others. Ryan leads our server team with his research into Serverless technologies, AWS, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Daniel Kim

Daniel is a technologist who has led development on a variety of projects from full stack mobile applications to enterprise dotcoms for the last 10 years. He has been the lead engineer/technical architect on projects for clients such as: 7-11, Allstate, DirecTV, NRG, Reliant, and several others. Daniel leads our front-end development and native application teams with deep knowledge on modern responsive websites, mobile applications, cross-platform solutions, and real-time 3D applications.

Anjanette Houser

With 14 years of experience with management and technology, Anjanette's journey has been filled with a variety of digital adventures. She has 11 published video games and in her time with marketing and advertising agencies, she successfully completed 100+ projects. These projects include web sites, social management, native mobile apps, and holistic platforms for global companies with budgets ranging from $15K to $3.5MM. Her passion lies in risk mitigation, defining process that works for all parties involved, and delivering projects that exceed the client's and customer's expectations.

Let us customize and integrate our Customer Behavior Management (CBM) platform for you.