Simple Science of Subcutaneous Delivery of Methotrexate (MTX)

Client: Medac Pharma, Inc
Project Type: Education Virtual Reality

Medac was looking for an innovative way to show how subcutaneous delivery of methotrexate is more effective than oral delivery. Our goal was to provide a single solution that could be experienced in three different ways: on a conference show floor, in a doctor’s office, and online.

The healthcare conference consisted of a high-end virtual reality (VR) solution built for the HTC Vive platform. Doctors were able to step into VR and experience the effects of subcutaneous injection at the cellular level. They could ‘look into cells’, reach out and grab molecules, and walk around and inside veins.

The physician’s in-office demonstration was delivered via a Medac branded Google Cardboard version of the VR experience or an interactive iPad version. We partnered with HCBHealth to successfully bring this solution to life.


  •  HTC Vive (Virtual Reality)
  •  Google Cardboard (Virtual Reality)
  •  iPad
  •  Unity3D – Real-time 3D
Helping healthcare providers understand Methotrexate.
The science of Methotrexate and how it works.